We purchase chilren's and maternity clothing, equipment, and toys. If you are uncertain, contact the store.

We put newly purchased items out on the floor daily.

How We Purchase

We accept trade-ins from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every day we are open with the exception of Wednesdays and Quarter Sale days. No appointment necessary! Due to the volume of our business on Quarter Sale days, we are simply unable to process any trades or accept drop-offs. On every other day in which we are open (except Wednesdays), our procedure is as follows: Clothing trade-ins brought will be processed as soon as possible in the order that they are received. They are generally finished the same day or completed by the next business day. Our Quarter Sale dates may change, especially during the holiday season, to accommodate our customers. It may be a good idea to check our Quarter Sale dates prior to coming in. In addition to our Purchasing Policies and Quarter Sale dates, receive more details about
How We Work by using this link.

We now use Wednesdays to adequately stay current on the volume of our trades so that our selling customers do not have an unreasonable wait time for their items to be processed. We will not be able to accept drop-offs on Wednesdays. Thank you for your understanding and feel free to bring in trades at any other time.

Trade-ins are Fast and Easy - Here's How!

► Clean out your kid's closets and their floors!
► Bring in your clean, current, and gently-used items.
► Sign in at the front counter. Then (depending on the wait-time) you may choose to shop while we process your items, or you may drop-off and go. In either case, we will contact you when we are finished.
► No waiting for your things to sell, like consignment methods. We pay you ca$h or you receive in-store credit as soon as the trade-in is completed and processed items are accepted. It's that easy!

We accept all seasons clothing, all year round. However, for your best value, bring in your summer items from February 1 to June 30. Bring in your winter items from July 1 to January 31. No appointment is needed. If you are not sure if we are accepting certain items, please call ahead to find out what we are currently buying, or check the Items In Demand list on this page and we will be happy to assist you.

We appreciate your understanding if we are unable to buy all of your items. In order to offer our valued customers the highest quality and selection, we purchase items based on condition, brand, style, inventory levels, and demand. If you do not want to pick up the items that we were unable to purchase, you have an option to donate them to the store. Those items may be sold at a discount, sold at the 25 cent sales, or donated to charities in the Tacoma/Pierce County area.

Please Meet The Following Standards For Trade-Ins

We purchase all things related to maternity and children based upon quality, quantity, sale ability and safety enforced policies as stated below:


► Clean and ready to hang.
► Current fashion. No older than 3 years.
► Very good to like-new condition.
► Smoke and odor free, no pet hair.
► No stains, tears, pilling, missing buttons, broken zippers or excessive wear.
► Older styles do not sell, even if they are name brand or new with tags.
► We cannot accept items if we are "overstocked". Check back with us again. Our rack space dictates how many items we can carry at any time.


► Clean
► Must include all parts. Instructions and original box appreciated.
► Must have working batteries.
► No recalled items or toys which contain lead paint. Check for recalls at the CPSC website. Click on Safety/Recall Info Link.

Furniture and Equipment

► Clean and odor free.
► Must include all parts. Instructions appreciated.
► Must meet current safety standards.
► No recalls. Check for recalls at CPSC website. Click on Safety/Recall Info Link.
► No breast pumps (unless it is new in the original, unopened package) or diaper genies.
► No infant car seats over 5 years old based on the manufacture date.
► No full size car seats or boosters over 5 years old. The manufacture date must be on the car seat.
► No cribs manufactured prior to June 28, 2011, per the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What We Purchase

With many years of experience, we know what children's clothing will sell and what other items are in demand within the current market place. In order to supply the best quality children's and maternity clothing, kids toys, nursery furniture and baby equipment, we have provided a basic list of items we regularly purchase at Kidz Kaboodle.

Clothing                                Furniture                                Equipment
     Infant, pre-school, and toddler toys Preemie - size 14 Cribs Strollers, travel systems, joggers
     Books, puzzles, dvd's Maternity Changing tables Car seats
     Activity mats Boys Pack N Go Monitors
     Cars, trains and train tables Girls Cradles Gates, bed rails
     Tricycles, bikes w/training wheels Holiday wear Dressers High chairs
     Sandboxes, water toys Dance wear Bassinets Swings
     Outdoor slides, climbers, playhouses Winter coats Toddler beds Exersaucers
     Tables and chairs Shoes and boots Baby bedding Bouncers
     Dolls, doll houses, doll furniture Sleep wear Much More... Baby baths
     Power wheels Swim wear Front and backpacks
     Much More... Much More... Much More...

Items We Are Currently Unable To Purchase:

This is a small list of items we are currently not purchasing simply due to inventory overstock or other internal reasons. We will update this list frequently, so please check back from time to time. Sorry for the inconvenience but it is our hope that this list will benefit our sellers by notifying them in advance, saving the effort of bringing several items into our store that we would not purchase.

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 31, 2016 (until further notice)...we will not be purchasing the following items:

► No longer purchasing Halloween Costume/Clothing.
► Very selective on separates (pants/shirts) sizes NB-6 month - boys & girls.
► Most Garanimal brand clothing.
► Circo and Faded Glory brand clothing in sizes NB-6 months (both genders).
► Exceptions may be made for new clothing.

Child Safety

The safety of our children is paramount at Kidz Kaboodle. We carefully evaluate and inspect all used and new products that come into our store.

Child Safety Resources

► Consumer Product Safety Commission
► National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
► Toy Industry Associations, Inc.
► Juvenile Product Association
► SeatCheck.org

We receive recall notices from the CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, as soon as they are released. Any items already in our store are pulled from the shelves if they become recalled. Please refer to the safety links above for additional information.

About new Crib Regulations effective June 28, 2011:

We realize this creates hardships for many, including families, child-care businesses, and resale. After reading the information on crib-related deaths, we must stand on the side of wisdom and good judgment. Between November 1, 2007 and April 11, 2010, there were 18 fatalities directly related to the drop-side crib failures. Almost all - whether they occurred due to detachments, disengagements, or breakages - created openings in which the infant became entrapped.

81788 Federal Register/Vol.75, No. 248/Tuesday, December 28, 2010/Rules and Regulations/ CPSC

Per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, we may ONLY sell cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011.

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