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QUARTER SALES ARE NOW EVERY FRIDAY FROM 10am-3pm. These famous quarter sales were originally held monthly on the last Friday and Saturday of the month. Under new ownership and under smaller storage contraints, they have now evolved into a once weekly sale. We think you'll find them a bit less crazy and less crowded, although you'll probably still want to line up early for the large equipment. PLEASE, only one large item per family. Unlimited small items and clothing.

What is the Quarter Sale?
Tons of clothing, toys, books, baby gear, equipment and furniture. Just like the name implies, it's all just $0.25.

Where does all the stuff come from?
This is all the donated items that we didn't take to sell in the store over the course of the previous week. The clothing, toys, and larger equipment comes from Kidz Kaboodle customers who have abandoned or donated their leftover items (things we weren't able to purchase) to the store. Many items were simply not purchased for resale due to having wrinkles, a small stain, missing button, or just being too faded. Equipment and toys may need a little cleaning, a small repair or a battery. There are treasures to be found such as; Bassinets, High Chairs, & Bouncers, as well as name brand clothing such as; Abercrombie, Gymboree, Gap, Old Navy, and much more. Over the course of each week, we collect these items and save them for our Quarter Sales.

What happens to the leftovers after the sale?
After the sale, we re-bag the clothing, clean up, and donate the remaining items to Charities in the Tacoma/Pierce County area. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it has evolved into a fun sale for all.

Who benefits from the Quarter Sales?
It's a great community service that helps families and charities. Moms, Dads, grandparents, great grandparents, single parents, foster parents, and extended families shop at this sale. Our customers appreciate all the work we do for this sale and are thankful for the opportunity to purchase items for their children or themselves for almost nothing. Other customers are supporting international or local charities by shopping for needed items at our weekly Quarter Sale. This has become a collaborative effort between our generous customers and Kidz Kaboodle to provide this opportunity for our community. We also help local charities directly by donating the unpurchased items after the sale

US Quarter (.25)

2017 Quarter Sale Schedule:
(10:00am to 3pm EVERY Friday except for Thanksgiving weekend, when it will be Saturday)




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