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Rather than consignment, offer either immediate cash or store credit for all trade in merchandise. Store credit is the higher of the two options; however, cash may be paid for all clothing and furniture items we accept. Store credit may be used at anytime, for anything in the store, even toward "sale" merchandise. Any cash paid for merchandise must be picked up by the seller no later than 7 days after the trade was completed, or it will be converted to its higher credit equivalent and placed into a store credit account. A store credit account is revolving and may be used immediately. Any store credit obtained will expire on 1-year from the date it is put on the books. Because of its revolving nature, and the varying percentages paid for merchandise, store credit accounts may not be converted to cash.

Anyone visiting our store will immediately notice that we try to maintain high quality and standards for our customers. Therefore, we cannot accept clothes with odors, stains, tears, buttons missing; or clothing that is stretched out, pilled, or out of style. Please wash and fold your clothes prior to bringing them into the store. The volume of our business normally prevents us from repairing or laundering your clothing. We ask that you bring your items in a container that you can leave while your trade is being processed. This can be any kind of bag, box or bin.

For very small clothing trade-ins or equipment, we make every effort to process your items promptly while you shop. However, if you have more than one bag or box, or there are several trades ahead of you, it may be necessary to leave them as a "drop-off". We are currently limiting drop offs of clothing and small toys to the ammount that fits in one of our rubbermaid bins that we can provide. We can then process all trades in a timely and efficient manner. Unusually large trades tend to slow our turn-around time so we ask that customers consider splitting those into two (2) or more trips to the store. In fairness to all of our customers, exceptionally large trades cannot be processed in the usual "first come, first served" basis.

Items not purchased for resale may be donated to the store or picked up within 24 ours of when we call to let you know we have finished your trade. Donated and/or abandoned items may be sold at a discount in the store, at $0.25 sales or other events, or donated to charity. All items not sold are donated to local charities.

This system has proven to be much more successful and beneficial to both the customer and the seller than other "consignment" or "all cash" methods. Sellers benefit instantly, and our customers are constantly exposed to new inventory.

* Seasons: Summer Clothing is in-season from February 1 through June 30
               Winter Clothing is in-season from July 1 through January 31

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Kidz Kaboodle
6409 6th Avenue Suite 10
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