What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 6 PM, Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM. Sunday closed.

Are you a consignment store?

No, we purchase your items outright. There is no need to wait for them to sell, as you are welcomed to use any in-store credit earned immediately. We believe that our practice offers a far greater quality and selection of merchandise to our buying customers, as well as instant reward to the sellers of the merchandise.

At Kidz Kaboodle we purchase all of our merchandise through the use of cash or in-store credit. We are committed to honesty, openness, and fair exchange, balancing the needs of our sellers with affordable prices to our buying customers. The high quality and reasonable pricing of all of our merchandise is immediately noticeable.

This process has been proven time and again to be fair, fun, and a great way to stretch your "hard-earned" dollar while raising a family. The Kidz Kaboodle philosophy has also been demonstrated to be much more successful and beneficial to both the buying customer and the seller than other "consignment" or "all cash" methods since the sellers benefit instantly while our buying customers are constantly exposed to new inventory.

It is a retail system that appeals to everyone, since the vast majority of our customer's both buy AND trade at our store on a regular basis.

Do I have to wait for my items to sell?

No, since we do not consign merchandise, you are immediately compensated with cash (check for payouts exceeding $20) or in-store credit for the items we purchase. In-store credit may be used immediately.

What can in-store credit be used for?

Anything in our store, including all sale merchandise and during our Quarter Sale event.

How long is my credit good for?

Any credit obtained will expire on May 31, 2017.

When do you purchase merchandise (accept trades)?

We process trade-ins from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm every day we are open with the exception of Wednesdays and Quarter Sale Friday and Saturday. No appointment necessary! Due to the volume of our business on Quarter Sale weekend, we are simply unable to process any trades or accept drop-offs. On every other day in which we are open (except Wednesdays), our procedure is as follows: Trade-ins brought in prior to 3:00 pm will be processed and completed the same day. No drop-offs will be accepted on Wednesdays. Trade-ins brought in after 3:00 pm will be processed as soon as possible but not guaranteed to be completed until the next business day. Our Quarter Sale dates may change, especially during the holiday season, to accommodate our customers. It may be a good idea to check our Quarter Sale dates prior to coming in.

What items do you take?

We accept quality children's clothing, sizes: preemie to 14 and maternity clothing in all sizes. Clothing must be in good condition and relatively in-style (less than 3 years old as a rule). We also accept safety approved baby items, furniture, and toys which are in good condition and totally functional.

Do you take women's clothing?

No. We only accept maternity and/or nursing clothing for women.

Do you take men's wear?


What are you looking for in the clothing I bring in?

Quality children's and maternity clothing that is fresh, bright, and in-style (less than 3 years old as a rule). Our former slogan “clothing that looks one wear old” says it all. Clothing must be FRESHLY LAUNDERED and SMOKE-FREE. The volume of our business prevents us from repairing or laundering clothing.

Do my clothes need to be on hangers?

No, we prefer them not to be, but they do need to be freshly laundered and folded.

Do my clothes need to be in-season?

No, we take all seasons all year, but the purchasing percentages vary on off-season clothing.

Summer Clothing is in-season from February 1 through June 30.
Winter Clothing is in-season from July 1 through January 31.

What kinds of toys do you accept?

We accept most toys ranging in age groups from rattles to outdoor climbing toys. All toys must adhere to manufacturers specifications and not be recalled. They must also be relatively clean and in good working condition, have all the parts and pieces, and have no battery corrosion. We also accept children's books, videos, and DVDs (in the original case). Board games and/or box puzzles cannot be considered for purchase unless they are new or in unopened packages. Toys and other equipment must have working batteries.

We generally do not purchase electronic toys and/or games that play through a monitor or television unless they are new still in the original package.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring things in?

No, we do not schedule appointments. This practice dramatically sets us apart from many of our competitors. We, at Kidz Kaboodle, operate on a “first come, first served” basis and are occasionally able to process your trade while you wait (depending on the wait-time when you arrive). Just bring in your quality items any time, Monday & Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday from 10 AM. to 5:30 PM. Trade-ins brought in prior to 3:00 pm will be processed and completed the same day. Trade-ins brought in after 3:00 pm will be processed as soon as possible but not guaranteed to be completed until the next business day.

We are normally not able to accept clothing trade-ins on Wednesdays and Quarter Sale Weekend. Quarter Sale is usually the last Friday and Saturday of the month. Our store is so busy on this weekend that we are simply unable to process clothing items in a timely fashion, or store your clothing items until a later date. We also do not accept drop-offs on Wednesdays

See the Quarter Salepage on this website for a complete listing sale dates.

Is there a limit to what I can bring in?

While we do not set a limit on the amount of items you may bring in at one time, we highly encourage our customers to be reasonable. We can then process all trades in a timely and efficient manner. Unusually large trades tend to slow our turn-around time so we ask that customers consider splitting those into two (2) or more trips to the store. In fairness to all of our customers, exceptionally large trades cannot be processed in the usual “first come, first served” basis. They can, and will, be processed within 24 hours.

For the most efficient service possible, we encourage customers to follow our posted guidelines on what merchandise we purchase. Customers should clean and sort through their items PRIOR to bringing them into the store.

What if I want to bring in items from my garage sale / storage?

That is fine, but all stickers, tape, safety pins etc. need to be removed and all clothing needs to be re-laundered.

How long does it take?

We can occasionally have your trade-in completed during the time you are shopping (20 minutes to 1 hour). There are many variables that affect the time to process your trade. Trade-ins are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, this time will always vary depending on the amount of items you bring and the volume of business at the time you arrive. We do our very best to accommodate each customer's individual needs, therefore it is very important for you to communicate your wishes with our staff and we will put forth our best effort to work with you.

Do I have to stay while my trade-in is being processed?

No, we are able to process your trade-in based on a completed and signed purchasing agreement, however items we do not accept (and are not donated) must be picked up within 24 hours or they will automatically be donated to the 25-cent sale. Special needs or arrangements should be communicated prior to leaving the store.

It is important for the customer to understand that upon completion of the trade-in, accepted items will be mixed in with other merchandise and cannot be returned unless you have specifically noted on your purchasing agreement that accepted items must be held for approval.

I brought in a trade-in. Upon completion I was awarded a relatively small amount of cash or credit, and the majority of the clothing items were returned to me. I thought all of my things were very nice. Why is this?

A fairly common question. Our staff is very selective when purchasing merchandise. We are afforded this luxury simply due to the high volume of available merchandise, and it is further reflected in the quality of all of the products we offer our customers. Stains, odors, missing buttons or snaps, or fading are the most common reasons not to purchase clothing items. However, some items (considered to be totally acceptable) may also not be purchased simply due to inventory overstock or the specific items history regarding resale.

What happens to the items you can't accept?

The customer ALWAYS has the first option to pick up any or all of these items by simply marking "pick-up" on the purchasing agreement. When selecting "pick-up", we ask that you do so by the next business day. Items you choose not to pick up may go to our monthly Quarter Sale, where they are offered to our customers for 25 cents a piece. All 25-cent items not sold are donated monthly to various United Way Charities.

Can I change my mind and donate items I said I would pick up after my trade is completed:

Absolutely, unless the item(s) are recalled. You can always change your mind and donate pick-up items, however this does NOT work in reverse, if you have marked "donate" on your purchasing agreement. Immediately following the processing of your trade, unaccepted items will be mixed in with other donates and cannot be separated and retrieved at a later time. If you are ever unsure what you want to do with unaccepted items, then mark "pick-up" or indicate you wish to have accepted items held aside for 24 hours for your approval on the purchasing agreement. Items not picked up by the next business day will be donated.

What is your return policy?

You may bring back clothing and shoes (with the sales tag still attached and the original sales receipt) within seven (7) days and we will be happy to process the return for store-credit only. All other merchandise is sold "as-is" and is non-returnable.

Can my children & I try on clothing at the store?

Yes, we have a fitting room available.

Is your store kid friendly?

Yes, kids love our store.  We have an unsupervised play area for the kids to play in while you shop.   We do ask that they not play with the toys that are for sale, but with the ones we have provided.

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes. You may purchase gift certificates in our store or via this website.

Do you take requests for hard to find items?

Yes. You may want to check our Facebook page and become a fan. We frequently list and photograph merchandise as soon as it is processed and put onto the sales floor. We also accept requests in the store or through this website. All requests are maintained for 30 days.

Do you check for safety recalls?

Yes.  We maintain an extensive recall list behind the sales counter and update it frequently. Additionally, our staff refers to several websites to conduct instant research, and we also subscribe to the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to receive immediate notification on all children's product safety concerns and recalls.